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Posted in Domotic, Web Development on Nov 07 2016
There is quite an amount of work behind my radio stream . I download lots of new music file everyday, and at some point, I need to transfer all these mp3 files to my NAS, in order to add the new songs to the pool of songs used by the Pi Radio ....
Posted in Web Development on Oct 27 2016
Hey! A new version of this tutorial is available ! In the new one, I use Spatie's translatable package, and I provide a cleaner and better implementation! Go to the new tutorial ! ! This article was updated to match Laravel 5.4 One day I wr...
Posted in Web Development on Jun 04 2016
Several months ago I wrote an article on How to create a Simple Like System For Laravel . In the comment of this article, a cool guy asked me about using a "Many to Many Polymorphic Relationship" for this "Like" logic. I found...
Posted in Music on May 29 2016
Things to remember: Every song has a structure of 16 or 32 beats Once your first song hits a change in its structure, you can start the second song at a specific point (with its volume down a bit so it's not to disturbing)
Posted in Music on May 25 2016
The tell of a journey of self-discovery, acceptance and growth.